Fats in Animal Nutrition: Why Feed Fats?

Feed fats are an essential part of animal nutrition. Improve animal performance with the Volac Wilmar range of animal feed fat supplements.

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Dairy farming is fiercely competitive. At Volac Wilmar we understand that you need to do everything you can to optimize productivity in your herd. The Volac Wilmar range of animal feed fat supplements includes all the major feed fats essential for animal nutrition and is proven to increase animal productivity.

With the right fat at the right time you can get the most from your dairy cows. 

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What is fat?

Fat is a type of nutrient, just like carbohydrate and protein are types of nutrient. It’s an essential part of daily nutrition and neither human nor cow can live without it.

Fats are made of fatty acids, which may be saturated or unsaturated. The double bond makes a fatty acid unsaturated.

Right Fat

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Optimizing Animal Nutrition: 
Why Feed Fats?

Fats are an essential nutrient for all animals and key to animal nutrition – your herd cannot survive without them. There are also a number of fats which provide specific additional benefits which can increase productivity in your herd.

Ensuring you provide the right fats for your animals, at the right time, can have many benefits including:

  • Unrivalled energy supply to improve milk yields and body condition
  • Improved fertility
  • Reduction of heat stress

Why Feed Fats

How much fat do dairy cows need?

As with any animal feed diet, balance is the key to success.

With most animal feed, fats are released into the rumen and can cause an oil ‘slick’ that coats the fiber in the rumen and prevents rumen bacteria from breaking it down.

Your dairy cows may require over 6% fat in dry matter to maintain their body condition and productivity. However, the issue here is that feeding above 3.5% fat in dry matter can cause serious health conditions, damaging the rumen or digestive function of your herd.

The answer: Incorporate rumen-protected fats in your animal feed. 

The Volac Wilmar range of rumen-protected feed fat supplements allow you to safely increase the fat intake of your herd, without the harmful effects of feeding too much rumen fat.

Rumen-protected fat supplements

  • Improved milk yield
  • Increased milk fat
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Reduced methane production leading to improved feed efficiency and reduced environmental emissions

Choosing the correct fat supplements for your herd

From increased milk yields to improved fertility, individual types of fat have different benefits.

Choosing which fat supplements to add to your dairy herd’s diet depends on the results that you would like to achieve.

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When it comes to profit-boosting fat supplements, we’ve got nutrition in the bag.

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